Living Wills

If you are over the age of 18 you make your own decisions about your own healthcare. If you were ever not able to do so due to an accident or ill health, what would you do?

A living Will sets out a person’s wishes regarding health care and how they want to be treated if they become seriously ill, and become unable of making or communicating their own choices. Living Wills are also called active declarations. It will outline your wishes about what and how much life sustaining treatment you would like to receive if the prospect of making a recovery with an acceptable quality of life has been lost.

As a healthy adult it is incredibly difficult to anticipate your state of mind should you find yourself in such a situation, so if you are considering making a living Will, please take the time to discuss your wishes with your family. A living Will is not a substitute for a Lasting Power of Attorney which is more comprehensive and legally recognised.

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