Secure Document Storage

Making your Will is an incredibly important step in life, ensuring that your executors can handle your affairs efficiently, and that your family and friends are saved from undue stress.

For the same reasons, once your Will is completed, duly signed & witnessed, it should be carefully stored. Ideally it should be kept somewhere safe, where no one can obtain unauthorised access to it and where your executors will know how to retrieve it, as it’s only the original documents that will be accepted at the probate registry.

Lifetime Legal Services can provide safe storage for your legal documents, so they’re safe from threats such as fire, theft and flooding.

Your executors, family members or friends will be given our details so that they know who to contact when the time comes, removing any added stress from frantically searching for a ‘lost’ Will.

If your loved ones can only find an older version of your Will, then that’s the one that will be used, no matter how out of date it is. If no Will can be found then essentially you have died intestate adding further stress and burden to those left to deal with your affairs.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our storage solution…


Peace of mind.

All Wills are kept safe.


Removes any unnecessary

stress and burden from your family.


House deeds lodged

at no extra charge.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss our storage solution further.